This is a site I created to bring to light the shallowness of this world! As a former shallow person myself I know how hard it is not to buy into what the media says is beautiful. This will show what the world thinks true beauty is regardless of age, sex, or other outside influences. Do I know what's going to be on here? Not at all. But that's for you guys to decide. Anyways the video has a lot more on why I made the site so check it out!

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To someone you are special. You are unflawed. You are perfect.   →


Eminem speaks the truth. It would do you well to listen   →

Real Life

You really don't know how attractive you are to someone.   →


Wise words from Johnny Bravo, the man himself!   →

We Do Not Do Anything With Your Photos!

This site has only one purpose and that is to bring about the issue that the media heavily influences what we, the population, see as beautiful. NOT to harbor and store photos of attractive people. Attractiveness comes in all shapes and sizes. And each and everyone one of us is beautiful in our own way. These pictures belong you guys. We claim no rights to any of them.

  •    Your photos go only through our team of trained specialists
  •     If you'd like your photos back simply email us and we can take them down within 24 hours
  •    Everyone is beautiful, but more impotantly everyone is safe here

Everyone has attractive qualities in them